What are the best ways to advertise a startup?  


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What are the best free/paid ways to advertise my startup and increase my sales ?

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Hi @pet-master

Katrine here from Plak theme team,

There are lot of Technics free/paid in order to promote your business online/offline, and the most important one are :

Search-engine optimization (SEO) : Improving your website SEO, will help you getting lot of traffic organically

Word-of-mouth is powerful—others’ reviews speak louder about you than your own marketing. In fact, after seeing your ads and/or landing pages, potential customers will often check your online reviews next. So, it helps to actively invite good reviews from your happiest customers. This also boosts the effectiveness of all of your other marketing.

Affiliate marketing ! adding an affiliate marketing program to your site by offering a generous commission, can bring you lot of new clients/sales.

Paid Advertisements : running paid campaigns on Facebook, Google, Bing, ... is one the best quickest way to promote your business online

E-mail marketing : Sending regular emails to your existing or potential client is another way to get additional traffic and possibly new sales

There lot of other efficient methods, it all depends on your budget, your type of audience and its density, your business location, ... If you have a budget in hand, it is better to hire professional from TaskHuskyfor example, in order to help getting the most suitable advertisement strategies for your business.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask 🙂