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An exit popup is a message that displays to users as they are attempting to navigate away from your site. The most common use for an exit pop is to show a message explaining why users shouldn’t leave the site. For example, when a user decides to leave, a pop-up will show a design, text, or promo code on top of the original page.

How to enable the Exit pop up feature on Plak theme ?

  • From Shopify dashboard, click Online Store => Customize
  • From Theme Editor, click on Theme Settings => Exit pop up
  • Then Click on Enable exit Pop up after you have customized the Header, Subheader, the image, the coupon code and colors

When the Exit pop up is showed ?

When a visitor wants to leave your site, the Exit pop up will show up.

Tip : When thinking about conversion optimization and maximizing your traffic’s ROI, an exit popup is a great way to start.

Note : The Exit pop up is only available on Desktop view and not on mobile

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