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Why are popup ads important ? This in-site advertisement is essentially a kind of marketing strategy that is mainly intended to advertise the products/services and increase the website traffic volume, here is basically the benefits of such sales popup widget in Plak theme

  • Increase rate of traffic conversion
  • Immediate feedback from the customers
  • The website looks dynamic
  • Increase the trust as visitors see other people buying from your website

How to enable sales popup in Plak theme

From your Shopify dashboard, click online store => Customize => Theme settings => Whatsapp widget

How does it works ?

When you chose a collection from the theme editor section above, a JavaScript code searches the best selling product from this collection and render it in front-end in your website.

Number of product to loop over? This is the number of products to showcase in the sales popup widget, for example : if you would like to showcase only the 10 recent best sales items in a collection, then chose 10

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