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  • WhatsApp is the new email and is the new way to create a conversation with your users.
  • WhatsApp for your responsive website is the best channel to contact with your users, mainly with mobile users.
  • WhatsApp will trigger more conversations and more support in your website.
  • Emails and forms are the past. Chats are the future. The best chat widget in 21 century for mobile users is WhatsApp.

How to enable Whatsapp widget in Plak theme ?

From your Shopify dashboard, click online store => Customize => Theme settings => Whatsapp widget

whatsapp widget plak theme

Recommendation : it is better to enable Messenger widget for desktop users only and enable Whatsapp widget for mobile users only.

How to type the phone number

In order to make the Whatsap widget works, type the country code first + the phone number.

Note : Don’t use the sign (+) or the double ZEROS (00).

Example : in order to forward texts to the US number 555-555-1234, use your country code followed by the phone number without ZEROS or the PLUS sign : 15555551234

whastap widget plak theme
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