How to setup collection page in Plak Theme ?

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Pending update for Plak V-1.6

This article will help you add and customize your collection page in Plak theme V-1.6

After having created your desired collections in collection section and eventually added tags to your products, follow these steps to display and customize your collection template

  • From your Shopify dashboard, click Online Store => Customize
  • Once you’re in the Theme Editor, click Collection pages in the top navigation
How to setup collection page in Plak Theme ?
  • A new section called Collection pages appears on the left, click on it

Sections features

Pagination effect :


Standard pagination layout, see live demo

Infinite scrolling

Scrolling products in an infinite lazyload effect, see it in action



Your collection page will have a grid view


Your collection page will have a list view

Enable high resolution images

Make your collection featured images looks in ultra high resolution (recommended if you are selling art collections, graphic, …).

Caution : If enabled, the site speed may be affected

Image appearance


Your collection page will have a list view


The featured collection image is zoomed in its content


The replaced content is sized to fill the element’s content box. If necessary, the object will be stretched or squished to fit

Scale down

The content is sized as if none or contain were specified (would result in a smaller concrete object size)


The replaced content is sized to maintain its aspect ratio while filling the element’s entire content box. The object will be clipped to fit

Products per row (grid only)

How many products will be displayed per row (Min 2 ; Max : 5)

Row per range (grid and standard pagination only)

Chose how many rows to display per collection page (Min 2 ; Max : 8)

Show collection image

Check to show your collection image.
To chose or modify your collection image :

  • From your Shopify dashboard, click Products => Collections
  • Head to collection image in the right of your screen
How to setup collection page in Plak Theme

Show product vendors

Check to show product vendors (the product vendor appears between the product title and the product price)

On hover effect


Enable the hover over the featured image effect. When enabled, the customer will see :

  • The latest product image if you have many images by product
  • Saving amount & percentage if you have a discounted price in the active viewed product
Text size

The size in px of the saving amount & percentage text that appears when hovering over the featured collection image)

Collection sidebar

The collection sidebar on desktop view comes at the left side of the collection page, you can enable/disable it from Theme settings > General

Show search box

Check to show the search box in sidebar


Give a name or title to your sidebar


You have the choice of 5 elements to add to your sidebar.


visibility elements on plak theme

Chose where you would like your element to appear

Sidebar blocks



The filtering option title, for example (filter by price)


Enter the appropriate tags, so your customers can filter their research, Learn more about tags

Custom HTML

Add custom HTML, for example, you can Facebook or twitter feed.

If you are not familiar with HTML, you can use THIS FREE ONLINE TOOL

If you are stuck, you can post your query in the forum and one of Shopify developers will assist you

Featured product

Showcase some of your products from their collection

  • Add an image with a link, the image with is 267.5 px
  • Text on hover : the text that pop ups when you hover over the image

Add a newsletter to incite your visitors to subscribe to your Shopify mailing list

Mobile view

As mobile screens are small in width, the sidebar filter is replaced with a drawer section that appears in the left side of the screen when the user click on the filter button

If you would like to make custom changes in the collection template or have questions, you can post your request in the forum community or contact us directly.

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