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Font Awesome Is a webfont used by websites designer & developers for icons instead of traditional old image icons. Its flexible in terms of coloring and sizing.

Plak theme has fontawesome embedded, no coding needed to modify or show new icon on your Shopify website.

Benefits of fontawesome icons

  • Accessibility-Minded : Font Awesome loves screen readers! With auto-accessibility feature, it’s super simple to do the right thing for your users.
  • Desktop-Friendly : Font Awesome is fantastic to work with on the desktop, especially with all-new ligatures. Try it in your next design or presentation
  • Tried & Tested : We’ve stress-tested them, so that your icons and styling work and display perfectly in all modern browsers.
  • Pixel-Perfect Rendering : fontawesome icons are meticulously designed on a grid that helps them render perfectly and makes them legible at any pixel or font-size

How to insert a fontawesome in your website using Plak theme?

let’s say you want to show a coffee icon before your title text “Hey ! Let’s have a coffee”

Simply add the below code before your text

<i class=”fas fa-coffee fa-xs”></i>

So your text becomes

<i class=”fas fa-coffee fa-xs”></i> Hey ! Let’s have a coffee

Where can I get icons ?

To get your favorite icons, simply visit the fontawesome official website and copy and past the icon code before or after text


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