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Below are some of the issues you may encounter when you purchase Plak theme from us.

You didn’t receive any ZIP file after placing the order?

Solution : If you didn’t receive a mail with Plak ZIP file after your purchase, please verify your spam folders, sometimes the mail containing the file may fall into the spam folder as it contains a ZIP file.

You didn’t receive any Licence Key after placing the order?

Solution: The licence key(s) are sent automatically after you place the order, please allow up to 24hrs in order to get it, and always check your spam folder.
Note : you can install the theme and run your store even before receiving and activating the Licence Key.

You can’t upload Plak theme ZIP into your Shopify store?

Plak theme has a size of about 1.6mb, which is way below the maximum size of 50mb allowed by Shopify, but sometimes an error message may appear when trying to upload the theme.
Solution : logout from Shopify and login again, the issue will disappear

Why some of my apps aren’t running after I published Plak theme ?

Solution : Some of your third party apps will run automatically when you publish Plak, and some require manual update from the app dashboard.

Will I lost my custom features installed on my previous Shopify theme?

Yes, whenever you switch to a new theme, all your previous custom coding and features will be lost, and as we don’t handle custom coding, we suggest you to get in touch with a Shopify expert to include your custom features into Plak theme.

If your issue is still not resolved, don’t hesitate to contact us

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